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Shopping with LuLaRoe Beach Boutique is a very unique experience. Since there are only 5,000 items made with a particular print, pattern or color, there are no catalogs or order forms. With over 400 prints, patterns or designs being created every week, you're sure to find new treasures each time you visit. What's amazing, is that every retailer carries completetly different prints! Check us out on Facebook to see our team of retailers, and see their newest items. 

Each retailer has an in-home boutique and an online “live” inventory which are typically located in Facebook stores. Since we typically get only one or a few of each item, you can guarantee that what you find is unique.  If you see something you like, BUY IT, or someone else will!! Chances are you will never see it again!! Shopping is available at local events, appointments, or online, we ship within 1 business day! 

Visit us at a Local Event

Every Saturday 8am-1pm: Ocean Pines Farmer's Market; Ocean Pines MD (directions) 

Book a private Shopping appointment and get a room full of LuLaRoe in your size. Try on outfits and find pieces you love or find a whole new look! Contact us or call for an appointment!

Widest Variety of Inventory Right at Your Fingertips 

Visit Nicole’s boutique on Facebook, or shop in her current online party. Even though we can choose sizes and styles, we don’t know what we will get until it arrives. Our goal is to offer you the widest variety of inventory, and we are adding new lines each month. Call 443-523-0333 for more information.

Get Our Unique Designs in the Perfect Size 

“It’s not about the size you wear, but the way you wear your size.”

Count on the professionals at LuLaRoe Beach Boutique to help you find the perfect size for all your pieces. For your convenience, here is a basic sizing chart for the majority of LuLaRoe pieces.

lularoe sizing chart

Exceptions to Our Sizing Chart

There are, however, few exceptions to the sizing chart measurements. The Irma Tunic and Carly dress run large, so we recommend that you size down 2 times so that you don't float in your new dress! If you wear a size 12-14 and typically wear a large, shop for a small in these two styles. If you prefer a looser fit in the arms, pick a medium. These recommendations are based on our experience with several happy clients so trust us to help you find the perfect fit.
The Perfect T top is another exception to our sizing chart. This is an A-line top that flows and flatters any waistline. Our recommendation - size down once to get the perfect fit. It's semi-fitted in the arms, so go with your instinct. This top looks great with leggings, skirts or dresses! The slit in the side provides the option to tie up the sides.

Some styles require that you size up. The Jade workout capri has a breathable, sweat resistant material, but isn't as stretchy as most other pieces. The Julia dress really shows off your curves, so for a relaxed fit, size up once for both.
The comfort that you find in each and every one of LuLaRoe's pieces is second to none. Apart from our amazing fabric, the stretchiness of the product is another trait that makes our line of clothing so much more comfortable. Pretty much every item you buy will be stretchy, the question is: HOW stretchy? Knowing your fabric is important to help you get the perfect fit. Check out the most popular fabrics for more info.

Call 443-523-0333
 to book the Beach Boutique for a
 pop-up sale or event.

Chances are, you will be the only one in town with your new-found love. Check back often, inventory is added every week. 
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